Lisa Goldberg


I am Lisa Goldberg (she/her/hers): a nurse educator, scholar, and leader in the areas of caring science, equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, and 2SLGBTQ+ health.




Caring Science

Queer Birthing


Compassion as a Tool for Change

As a Certified Caritas Coach, with expertise in caring science, queer birthing practices, and equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, I am delighted to be offering workshops to explore new ways of understanding how and why compassion is a necessary tool to work across difference to foster spaces and places of belonging for all to thrive.

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Caring Science

Grounded in self-compassion, trusting and authentic relationships, healing environments, and the ability to move beyond the ego-self, caring science opens us to new possibilities for re-examining our positionality in the world: ethically, politically, spiritually, culturally, socially, and environmentally. 


Queer Birth

Building on my clinical expertise as a perinatal nurse (RN), and a member of queer communities, I have examined the practices of birthing where gender and queer practices intersect.

The aim of my work, and those I have collaborated with, is to examine, often through story and more recently arts-based methodologies, the gendered nature of birth, and the discriminatory harms that occur from heterosexism, transphobia, homophobia, and intolerance deeply rooted in our current health care structures.

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