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Caring Science

Originating with the scholarship of world-renowned nurse theorist, Dr. Jean Watson, and the Ten Caritas Processes (Watson, 2008), caring science offers a reflexive and compassionate philosophical and pragmatic ontology, epistemology, and ethical framework for re-imaging our relationships with self, others, and the broader community.

Grounded in self-compassion, trusting and authentic relationships, healing environments, and the ability to move beyond the ego-self, caring science opens us to new possibilities for re-examining our positionality in the world: ethically, politically, spiritually, culturally, socially, and environmentally (Goldberg, 2017; Goldberg, et al., 2018). In doing so, we transform our authentic selves and re-discover our humanity by committing to deeper and more equitable practices to promote human flourishing; this potentiates an opportunity for all persons to thrive in our educational, healthcare, and community institutions.

Watson Caring Science Institute

New Faculty Associate

I am very excited about my recent appointment (June 2022) as a Faculty Associate with the Watson Caring Science Institute (WSCI). Read about my journey and contributions to Caring Science. 

Research & Scholarships

Caring Science Articles

I invite you to view the publications throughout this section to further understand Caring Science it’s transformative reach it can has on all facets of our lives. 

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Journal of Holistic Nursing
Jun 2016

Caring Science: A Theoretical Framework for Palliative Care in the Emergency Department

International Journal of Human Caring
Sep 2015

Cultivating inclusivity with caring science in the area of LGBTQ education: The self-reflexive educator

Focus, Vol. 23, No. 3
Puzzle in shape of heart

Caring Science


As a Certified Caritas Coach, with expertise in caring science, queer birthing practices, and equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, I am delighted to be offering workshops to explore new ways of understanding how and why compassion is a necessary tool to work across difference to foster spaces and places of belonging for all to thrive.