As a Certified Caritas Coach (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2014), with expertise in caring science, queer birthing practices, and equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, I am delighted to be offering workshops to explore new ways of understanding how and why compassion is a necessary tool to work across difference to foster spaces and places of belonging for all to thrive.

Compassion in the Classroom

Lisa Goldberg earns Dal's award for Excellence in Education for Diversity

Lisa Goldberg

Nursing prof and Education in Diversity award winner Lisa Golberg. (Danny Abriel photos)


I bring an extensive background in working across and beside difference utilizing approaches to EDIA in curricula development, teaching, research/scholarship, and workshops/presentations grounded in caring science: an applied framework that posits compassion as its starting point with the recognition that we are all expert in our own experiences and provide legitimate forms of knowledge (Goldberg, 2018); my expertise in this area has been recognized by colleagues and students alike with the 2017 University Award for Excellence in Education in Diversity.

Recognizing compassion alone is insufficient to redress inequities caused by the historical harms experienced by historically and currently underrepresented communities, my pedagogical approach to these workshops recognizes that we are all, independent of our intersections of privilege(s) and/or oppression(s), living in unforgiving systems built upon an historical legacy of institutional discrimination (sexism, racism, colonialism, homophobia, ableism, etc.). This reflects the starting point for the stories we tell and the experiences we live (Goldberg, 2018; Goldberg, et al., 2017).

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Workshops Details

Workshops are created for anyone interested in learning more about the role of compassion as a tool for change, particularly in relation to working in the area of equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility (EDIA).


Created for educators, healthcare providers, students, leaders, and people interested in learning more. 


Workshops can be designed in collaboration with target audiences and take place over a morning/afternoon or 1-2 days


Determined in relation to type/length/audience of workshop.

Participants Will Learn:

  1. Understand the role of self-compassion in one’s life, and how it can be used to guide decision-making in new and transformative ways.
  2. Develop a deeper understanding of the connection between reflexive practice, self-compassion, and the role they play in understanding one’s own self-knowledge and self-bias.
  3. Explore how to use loving kindness to embody caring and healing practices for the self, before learning how to develop these practices for others.
  4. Examine the role of self-compassion and reflexive practice to better understand the historical, socio-cultural-political, and spiritual location of self, others, and broader community, and implications for working across difference with priority groups.
  5. Develop beginning strategies for ongoing change by way of the Ten Caritas Processes and ongoing work with Caring Science

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To get started, please contact me and we can discuss all the details of the workshop. 

Examples of Previous Workshops

Goldberg, L., & Murphy, S. (March 2019). Applying Watson’s Caring Science to re-imagine our professional practices and simultaneously re-imagine ourselves. Workshop for Crossroads Interdisciplinary Health Graduate Student Research Conference, Halifax, NS.

Goldberg, L., Aston, M., Searle, J., & Burrow, S. (May 2017). Using research findings from LGBTQ+ Birthing Practices and the Philosophy of Caring Science to Politicize our Practices as Nurses. Saint Francis University, Antigonish, NS

Goldberg, L. (March 2017). Nursing as political practice: Caring science, LGBTQ+ invisibility, and the role of the situated self. Cape Breton University, School of Nursing, Sydney, NS.